UPDATE: Karen once again tried out for PR3 (the last day in NYC) and made it to the semifinals, again. What do they say about try, try again? Oh well. Watch her PR3 bio-video just for grins. Click HERE

Okay, designer Karen Garrett auditioned for Bravo TV's Project Runway 2, and made it through to the semi-finals. One look at her homemade video, and she was "aut." That should have been enough to send her down the road, in "shear" humiliation. Not sew! She just won't take no for an answer. So follow along as Karen Garrett matches Season 2's designers stitch for stitch on the Project Outcast home game.

Each week watch as Karen Garrett follows the exact same challenges and rules as the other designers. If they get a day, she gets a day. If they get $20 bucks, she gets $20 bucks. She just doesn't have to put up with a bunch of whining designers. Ok, that's an advantage. BUT, of course, she does not have the divine Tim Gunn's guidance either. Let's call it even.  

You be the judge each week. Is her challenge "een" or "aut."

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Episode #4: A-Team Lingerie:

Alright, this is for everybody on the "rules committee:"

  • Karen drew her collection concept immediately after viewing last night's lingerie challenge (30 minutes).

  • Since she was the only Project Outcast designer, she was selected to be the team leader.

  • Karen then got up and drove over to the Dallas Galleria, and selected the manager of a lingerie boutique, Darlene, to be one of her team members to consult on the concept (see photo below.) Thanks to Darlene for the lingerie form!

  • The following morning, Karen shopped at her local fabric store where she selected Lauren to help find suitable fabric (see photo below), to round out Team Karen.

  • As we all know, each designer was only tasked to sew one of the team's three designs, and since she is the only designer on Project Outcast, she fabricated one design, just like the designers in the show. Her "teammates" are not designers and were not asked to make an outfit. The challenge was completed in under 12 hours.

  • And, finally, the team leaders were the designers at risk.

Concept: Celebration of everything feminine. Young sexy cut, wearable fabrics, no bulk and absolutely NO "boning."


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