Episode #5 - "Social Seen"

Challenge: Dress a "socialite" in a party dress. No problem! Uh...okay, where do we find a socialite?

PO designer Karen Garrett heads out to Dallas' fabled Highland Park Village, Texas' answer to 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive. Now, what to do? She heads into Jimmy Choo's where manager Scott smoothly glides up to Karen and insists "let's hug first" before inquiring about her needs. "Hi, I am Karen Garrett, a designer on PROJECT OUTCAST - The Home Show (actually the only designer). I am looking for a socialite." After a quick explanation of PROJECT OUTCAST and this week's challenge, Scott confirms, "So, let me summarize, you are looking for a well known socialite, thin, pretty, wears clothes well, a REAL "fashionista." "Yes!" Karen exclaims. Scott confidently adds, "I've got the perfect person, if she'll do it! I'll give her your number."

Later that day, Karen receives a call reported by her caller ID as "Private Caller."  "Hello Karen, this is Heidi." "Gasp!"

Guest Judge: Something new for PROJECT OUTCAST. While you, the loyal and highly opinionated viewer at home, ergo PROJECT OUTCAST - The Home Show, weigh-in each week, PO producers (ok, we don't really have any producers, but we like the way that sounded) have decided to invite a Guest Judge to comment on Karen's design this week. 

This week PO is proud to have Dallas, Texas famed couture designer Michael Faircloth, who dressed First Lady Laura Bush in stunning red for the Inaugural festivities (not to mention the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). Mr. Faircloth will independently judge our own Karen Garrett's party dress fit for a socialite.

 Click here for Michael's critique.


Michael Faircloth is a Dallas based couture designer who dresses

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notables internationally.

Michael Faricloth L.L.C.
1626 Edison Street
Dallas, Texas 75207


Heidi's instructions:   " First, it's got to be black. I am known for my collection of hand-signed black couture originals. Second, it has to stretch and move. Third, it needs to be detailed. Last, the hemline should fall just above my knees." Karen spends 30 minutes sketching her design, okays it with Heidi, and off to the fabric store to buy black stretch cashmere.

Now, on to the challenge.







Hard to see details: Hand beaded pearl and crystal beads over silver braiding. Hand sewn bodice stitch lines. Double layered sheer fabric panels.

    Heidi Dillon, prominent Dallas socialite, founder and Executive Director of THE FASHIONISTAS, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to establish a Texas Fashion Museum and resource center for The University of North Texas's Fashion "The Texas Fashion Collection" is one of the most significant historic fashion collections in the United States.

    The collection is an educational resource for students, researchers, and the general public. The proposed museum in downtown Dallas would make the Texas Fashion Collection more accessible to the public. You may learn more about the collection by visiting their web site at Texas Fashion Collection.

    Her famed "closet of the stars" is packed with hand-signed originals by  many of the world's greatest designers.

    Heidi can routinely be seen heading up many of Dallas' most prominent fundraisers including the Museum of Fine Arts "Beaux' Arts Ball," "Soldiers for Style," for the Salvation Army, the MOD Squad for AIDS, and too many more to list!

    See her to-die-for Frank Welch designed  dream home featured in October's 2005 Papercity Magazine. She has been  pictured in Women's Wear Daily, the Dallas Morning News, and a host of other publications.

    Divine Tim Gunn sure was right! "These socialites are very important to you [a designer]."




Project review:

"Karen has conveyed a very feminine approach with the silhouette of the
dress and the beaded lines which follow, beautifully, the female figure.

With a more intimate look, one notices the black stitched lines through 
the torso which add a nice structure to the stretch fabric.

Her use of the sheer areas at the bust and thigh are alluring yet polite, as they have
allowed the skin tone to quietly emerge through the dress.

Her use of the contemporary fabrics and slightly flirtatious design
lines has certainly evoked Heidi's unique charm."

Michael Faircloth





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