Episode 6 - How Much is That Dress Innuendo?

Team Outcast:    Karen Garrett is joined this week by Italian-born, Cristina Platania, a Dallas  designer, graduate of the G. Ferrera School of Fashion Design, who went on to work with Marella Ferrera in Milan for over 5 years. Cristina now designs a small collection of vintage styled wedding gowns which exude a deep elegance and "old country" feel. Read more about Cristina and her collection here.

Retail Store Front Window:    The Incubator, 1632 Main Street, downtown Dallas (across from the Neiman Marcus flagship store, wow!) Arranged by Mark Ford, Business Development, Dallas Fashion Incubator.

Model:    Deanna Jones, The Campbell Agency, Dallas

Acknowledgements:    We wish to thank the following people and organizations who so graciously helped with this week's PO challenge: Krista Kleban, Design Program Coordinator and Mark Ford, both with the Dallas Fashion Incubator, Peter John with The Campbell Agency, and of course, Deanna Jones, PO's guest model, who can be contacted through The Campbell Agency. Read more about the Dallas Fashion Incubator here.

Challenge Notes:    Since many of our viewers (you know who you are) seem to enjoy contemplating the subtle and almost indiscernible (in our opinion) nuances between the actual Project Runway 2 challenges, and PO's subsequent Home Show recreation, here goes our wherefores, whereas' and provisos (have fun, but it's really about the fashion, isn't it?):

    Team Outcast, as always, strictly adhered to the tight time constraints. PO's budget for the window display was $0.00 (we used what we had lying around the studio.) Our fabric was not donated by Banana Republic (we didn't really ask them to be fair), so we bought ours.

    Our crew (that would be KG) did talk to Hope, a very helpful manager at the local Banana Republic store in Highland Park Village about borrowing their window. They were definitely very willing to oblige, but alas, there was too much red tape to wade through (very much in fashion there). So time being of the essence, we opted for the path of least resistance. The Incubator's downtown Main Street locale was a reasonable facsimile in our view. We appreciated BR's offer though. We still would love to see our designs in their window someday.

    PO is "filmed" in real time (did we say filmed!?), so it's winter here, right? In keeping with what is the current Fall Collection design season, Cristina and Karen designed their garment for Fall 2006. Stop your thoughts. Of course we know Banana Republic specified Spring Collection. (Listen, you try to find those lovely spring fabrics this time of year in Dallas!) Who knows, maybe BR or somebody else will want to offer this design for the upcoming Fall buying season!

    Finally, whew!, PO designers Cristina and KG asked onlookers to weigh in. We will share the results of this straw poll when PR shares the results of their public vote!











   The Dallas Fashion Incubator is a non-profit organization mentoring emerging designers and promoting the local apparel industry through business assistance opportunities extended to a diverse cross-section of the local community.  The group was founded by Leslie Carpenter of Tussah Designs and operates largely on volunteer time and private contributions.  If you would like more information, please visit www.dallasfashionincubator.com, call 214-747-1222, or visit the Incubator store at 1623 Main Street, Suite 106, Dallas, Texas, 75201.




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